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 Labex Canada Inc. was established as a federally registered company in 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In 2015 a new facility was opened in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. 

Since the beginning the company has been active in import/export/marketing & distribution of products in the field of medical and laboratory instrumentation, reagents, and test kits. 

Having direct contacts in over 20 countries, Labex Canada has enough power and tools to find and appoint professional distributors in each country making sure that the right products are marketed and sold in the right markets. Creating marketing policies and implementation of strategies for pricing, sales and aftersales services for each country according to its specific requirements was a role that made Labex Canada so successful so always strive to find a right partner for manufacturers helping them to introduce their products and brands to markets across the globe. 

We also provide professional training for our local partners and distributors not
only for sales and marketing but also for the after sales services making sure
that the local team in each territory is able to serve the customers according
to the highest possible standards. 

In 2016 we developed our “Complete Laboratory Solutions” platform offering affordable laboratories in different sizes, different levels of standards and prices. This product has been already sold successfully in many countries worldwide. 

In 2019 we are appointed as Sales / Marketing department for entire glob:

- Syscan Biotech (manufacturer of fully automatic Coagulation
Analyzers as well as a wide range of Coagulation reagents) and  

- Long Island Biotech (manufacturers of fully automatic IHC “Immunohistochemistry”

Stainers and fully automatic FISH “Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization” Hybridizers
together with a wide range of Primary and Secondary Antibodies and FISH probes.

In 2020 we started to focus on helping the communities with the COVID-19 pandemic and developed different diagnostic kits for diagnosis and management of the disease. The kits are manufactured in our facility here in Ontario where proudly passed the auditing for MDASP/ISO 13485:2016. Our COVID-19 test kits include the kits for RT-PCR, and Rapid tests for antigen, IgG/IgM antibodies and for post vaccination (post disease) status assessment.  

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