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MP Biomedicals develops, produces and distributes more than 50,000 references of reagents, kits or instruments as well as services, and is one of the only companies in the industry to offer a comprehensive portfolio for life science, manufacturing and diagnostic. 

At MP Biomedicals, our focus is on reducing the day-to-day complexities and uncertainties that scientist face so that they can move their projects forward quickly and confidently. 

Our robust, easy-to-use instruments and reagents can be counted on to work every; me, delivering high quality samples and high-quality data day-in and day-out. 

Our global reach ensures that we can source the reagents our customers need, consistently and uninterruptedly, even when other vendors simply can’t deliver. 

Our flexibility and ability to customize orders gives customers the products and services that work best for their projects and not just the products that we’ve configured to meet the lowest common denominator. 

And our fast response; me to customer inquiries ensures that their workflows keep on flowing. 

When scientist choose MP Bio, they know they can worry less and discover more. 

That’s because with MP Bio, dependability is always delivered.  

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AbsorbentsAcids, Solutions, SolventsCulture MediaDrug Abuse TestsElectrochemistry Devices, ElectrophoresisElectrophoresis SystemsElisa Test KitsHomogenisersImmunoassay TestsIn Vitro Diagnostic TestsIn Vitro Diagnostics Test Kits, CalibratorsNewborn Screening TestsRaw MaterialsResearch, DevelopmentTissue Grinder DisposablesTubes, Accessories

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