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We believe that every treatment begins with a reliable diagnosis. That is why we are looking for innovative ways to provide reliable laboratory results to physicians and patients around the world. We are an international group of biotechnology companies focusing on the development, production and distribution of IVD products and technologies for laboratory automation.

BioVendor Group brings together companies with extraordinary innovation and business potential. Their mutual synergy creates a comprehensive chain of development, production and distribution of innovative IVD products.


We are a traditional Czech producer and distributor of IVD products focusing on infectious diseases and immunology. The basis of our portfolio consists of products for ELISA and BLOT methods. We are behind the development of the popular SmartELISA kits and our own multiplex solution Microblot-Array.


At ViennaLab Diagnostics GmbH, we strive for reliable and user-friendly laboratory diagnostics. We develop and produce IVD kits focused on genetic defects and predispositions, pharmacogenetics, human microbiome and oncological diseases.Our most successful products include the user-friendly RealFast™ Assays PCR assays.

BioVendor R&D

We are always looking for ways to develop innovative biomarkers and technologies. We have been operating in the development, production and distribution of immunodiagnostic and molecular diagnostic products in more than 25 clinical areas, since 1995. Today we focus on the diagnostic potential of microRNA and the introduction of automatic solutions for innovative biomarkers. In addition to our headquarters in the Czech Republic, we operate the branch for USA, Canada and Mexico.


DiaSource is a leading manufacturer of products for clinical diagnostics focused on endocrinology, autoimmune and infectious diseases. We focus on RIA and ELISA technology, including reagents for automated analyzers. The specifics of our portfolio are panels for measuring vitamin D, steroids and androgens and tools for ELISA and RIA automation.

BioVendor LM

We are the leading Czech distributor of IVD products for immunology, clinical biochemistry, hematology, microbiology and molecular biology – from individual assays to turnkey laboratory equipment. We are Siemens' representative for automated laboratory diagnostics. In addition to the headquarters in the Czech Republic, we are also represented in Slovakia.  

Oxford BioSystems

At Oxford BioSystems, we strive for more efficient, reliable and affordable laboratory diagnostics. We supply our clients from clinical and research laboratories with top innovative products from global producers. We constantly adapt our portfolio to the current needs of the UK and Irish markets.

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