SGENEBIO is spin-off from Shinwon Medical Foundation which is based in South Korea and established on Sep, 2020. Shinwon is one of the major commercial lab to provide high quality of various medical testing services.

We, SGENEBIO have good MDx kit manufacture partners and sole distribution partnership to global. Not only distribution, SGENEBIO have own MDx product such as COVID-19 real-time PCR and future products for respiratory, STD and Gastrointestinal kits.

South Korea
Nature of Business
Laboratory Agent/Dealer/Distributor
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Clinics/Medical PracticeConsultancyHealthcare Agent/Dealer/DistributorHospital LaboratoryHospital PublicIndependent LaboratoryTechnology
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Disposables/ConsumablesLaboratory/DevicesLaboratory/ReagentsLaboratory/TestsMedical Equipment/Other
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In Vitro Diagnostic TestsMolecular Diagnostic TestsUltrasound Machines
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MicrobiologyMolecular DiagnosticsClinical Chemistry

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