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Proteometech Inc. has high-quality diagnostic products and instruments focusing on human and animal allergies, immunity level, pregnancy, and also COVID-19. 

With the best quality products, we do have nearly half of market share in Allergy market in South Korea and looking forward to prospering through world Allergy market share.

Currently, we are doing business with more than 35 international countries and keep on increasing distributors all around the world.  

Our vision is Innovative Techonology & Novel Bio-product developmnet with 4S (Speed, Success, Special and Satisfaction).

We focus on finding novel diagnostics that help customer’s unmet needs to make happy our people, our company and society. 

Together with partners, based on our protein technology, we contribute to the society by developing diagnostics, vaccines and new drugs that can resolve the unmet needs in health care area.

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ProteomeTech Inc.

South Korea
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