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 VACUTEST KIMA is a group of companies (founded in 1981) with many
years of experience in the production of plastic disposable
laboratory ware. 

VACUTEST KIMA Company has developed the design and production of plastic blood collection tubes with predetermined fixed internal vacuum, relative multidrawing needles, safety devices, and accessories as a result of many years
of research in the field of plastics for sampling of biological liquids. 

VACUTEST KIMA manufactures in ITALY all components of the vacuum tubes and needles.  

The range of products includes:  

· Plastic blood collection tubes with predetermined fixed internal vacuum; 

· Multi-drawing needles; 

· Vacuum system for safety urine collection (tubes and containers with collection devise); 

· Sterile micro test tube with or without capillary tube for paediatric use; 

· Kimased tubes and accessories for ESR; 

· Veterinary blood collection products.   

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