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Sansure Biotech Inc., now a listed company in China, established in 2008, is an integrated solutions manufacturer and provider with independent innovation of molecular diagnostics and gene technology, has over 10-year experience specialized in diagnostic reagents, nucleic acid diagnostic instruments, complete lab solutions and lab chain services. Sansure solutions for molecular diagnosis are compatible with majority of PCR detection instruments and lab environments based on unique technical platforms “global leading magnetic beads extraction system”, “one of the simplest and fastest one-step DNA/RNA lysis systems”, automated nucleic acid extraction system, POCT devices and real-time PCR instruments. Over 40% of its employees work for R&D and technical service departments, over one hundred of products with global registrations, including infectious diseases, cancer, maternal and child health, blood screening, emerging infectious diseases prevention and control, chronic disease management, etc. 

During global COVID-19 pandemic, Sansure solutions, precise, fast, simple, easy-to-use and high-throughput, become the major COVID-19 detection solutions in China and other countries, contributing to the world pandemic prevention and control. The full range integrated solution includes " 2019-nCoV nucleic acid diagnostic kit + 2019-nCoV antigen test + 2019-nCoV POCT rapid test + 2019-nCoV/Flu A /Flu B triple test + 2019-nCoV and Six Respiratory Pathogens Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit + 2019-nCoV mutant B117 identification test", which can cover the common mutant types reported. 

"Sansure solutions" have been widely used in nearly 160 countries worldwide, such as France, UK, Germany, Russia, the Philippines, Brazil etc., obtained certificates in over 65 countries, include NMPA China, US FDA EUA,ANVISA, TGA Australia, We are one of the companies with the largest number of overseas certificates. 

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