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Diatron develops, manufactures and markets hematology analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers, and associated reagents for human medical and veterinary use. The company was founded in Budapest, Hungary over 30 years ago and is one of the top 5 global hematology analyzer manufacturers. Since its inception, Diatron has been at the forefront of laboratory diagnostics. Today, our product range includes hematology analyzers, hematology reagents (both for our own and other manufacturers’ analyzers), hematology control material, clinical chemistry analyzers, clinical chemistry reagents and clinical chemistry controls.

The brand name of Diatron has been established throughout the world as a result of our capability for manufacturing high quality and extremely reliable instruments, which has resulted in our products being sold and marketed in more than 100 countries. Today, there are more than 40,000 Diatron clinical chemistry and hematology analyzers in laboratory use, and our customer base continues to grow stronger year after year.

At Diatron, we not only pride ourselves on the quality of our products, but also on the quality of our support through our comprehensive product training programs and our excellent technical support and customer service teams.

All Diatron products are CE marked and manufactured in large production lots in an ISO 9001 and 13485-certified production facility.

In 2016, Diatron was acquired by STRATEC SE, a world leading partner for development and manufacturing of technological and scientific solutions for the life science industry and specializes in instrumentation and software solutions for in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

As part of the STRATEC SE, Diatron now has a number of complementary products in the portfolio. These include:


CLIA automated instrumentation platforms

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