Vitro S.A.



We are a Spanish corporation specialized on development, manufacturing and distribution of instruments, software and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) reagents by applying non-invasive techniques, typically used in immunohistochemistry and molecular biology. We commercialize CE-marked IVD multiplex tests for HPV, sepsis diagnosis, AMR, ETS, respiratory viruses and Zoonosis. Additionally, we have extensive experience in PCR-multiplex technology by reverse flow hybridization. 

We are determined to technological innovation and personalized treatments, offering the best solutions for IVD diagnosis in different areas. Our main goal is definitely to improve the health status for every patient and in order to achieve this, we are willing to work under the highest quality standards, looking for the excellence of our products and services. 

More importantly, we have a highly committed and qualified team to offer the best service and most efficient and accurate diagnostic solutions, adapted to each client’s requirements.  

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