DNBSEQ-T7 Genetic Sequencer


Ultra-high Throughput Whole Genome Sequencing,Deep Exome Sequencing,Transcriptome Sequencing,and Targeted Panel Projects. DNBSEQ-T7 can output 1~6TB of high quality data per day, widely applicable to Whole Genome Sequencing, Deep Exome Sequencing, Epigenome Sequencing, Transcriptome Sequencing, Tumour Panel and other large sequencing projects. Powered by MGI's unique DNBSEQTM Technology, DNBSEQ-T7, fully upgrading biochemical, fluidics, and optical systems, makes sequencing more efficient and productive. High Speed: 24~30 hrs for PE150 sequencing High Flexibility: 4 Flow Cells, PE150, and PE100 at the same time Ultra-high Throughput: up to 6 TB per day; high quality data around the clock Flow Cell Type: FC Lane/Flow Cell++ : 1 lane Max. Throughput / RUN : 6Tb Effective Reads / Flow Cell : 5000M Average run time : PE150 within 24 hours Min. Read Length : PE100 Max. Read Length : PE150
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