GENECHECKER UF-340 Four-in-One Real-time PCR System


4 individual testing modules in 1 device to increase test efficiency and versatility”. Patented chip based reaction provides rapid output – “40 Cycles in 20 minutes”. 10.1” Wide LCD Touchscreen and intuitive user interface to make the test simple and easy. For flexible use in the field of molecular testing environment, 4 individual testing modules can work under different PCR settings and time in 1 device. It is ideal for the users in small and middle sized hospitals or clinical laboratories with unpredictable patient numbers in different PCR testing needs. Genesystem is proud to introduce GENECHECKER® UF-340 Four-in-one Real-time PCR system, the microfluidic chip based PCR method associated with compact and sophisticated hardware mechanism which dramatically reduces the TAT of PCR testing down under 20-40 minutes. To increase test efficiency and versatility of previous models, the platform consists of 4 individual testing modules and 10.1” Wide LCD Touchscreen to provide total solution from PCR settings and result analysis. Covering more sample capacity in 1 device, at the same time, users can save the cost and space compared to the case of using 4 different devices. From now on, Genesystem is ready to present its state-of-the-art hardware technology to provide users with more efficient and convenient molecular diagnosis platform. GENECHECKER® UF-340 Four-in-one Real-time PCR system adopted newly designed operating system which enables more convenient testing environment. This system offers accessibility to customers’ data management programs via LAN or Wi-fi connection.
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