Kogene Biotech Co Ltd


KogeneBiotech, the first mover in Real-time PCR diagnostics.

KogeneBiotech was founded in 2000 and have been known for innovation in Molecular Diagnostics.

The main business is the production of Real-time and conventional PCR kits based on interactive R&D in the area of Human, Food and Animal.

We provide comprehensive solutions for SARS-CoV-2 PCR diagnostics ranging from the detection of wild-type to all the variants. In addition to that, we have the sufficient capacity to supply designated COVID-19 testing labs in 60 countries on top of Korea CDC.

We develop and manufacture over 800 conventional and Real-time PCR kits in close collaboration with government agencies.

Ultimately, we aim to improve public health and well-being of mankind.

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In Vitro Diagnostic TestsLab Automation SystemLaboratory InstrumentsMolecular Diagnostic Tests
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IT/Laboratory Automation SystemsLaboratory/InstrumentsLaboratory/ReagentsLaboratory/TestsMedical Equipment/ENT
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South Korea
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